Skill-IS offers IT and consultancy services to businesses from SOHO to Enterprise.  We provide the peace of mind that comes with reliable and dependable operations.


With 30 years’ experience in IT and resilience, our principal consultant, Tom Crellin, specialises in cyber security, emergency planning and business continuity.

For more information, see our consultancy site www.tomcrellin.co.uk

Web Hosting

We offer a low-cost personalised service web hosting offering.  Basic packages start at just £20 per year and include email hosting, encryption, and MySQL databases.  Our servers are based in the UK and therefore fully compliant with Data Protection Act export restrictions.

Unlike the majority of web hosting offerings at this price point, we are happy to discuss your requirements and do the set-up work for you rather than expecting you to navigate an automated interface.  Please call or email us for further information.

Remote Office

We offer a range of services to support micro-businesses and remote office working such as hosted Exchange email, VOIP telephony and productivity tools.  All of our offerings are best-of-breed and selected to be secure, reliable and easy to use.  In short, these products offer peace of mind.

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